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Winter Wonder-Land

I just love it when God shows off. Whether through a spectacular sunset, a majestic mountain range, a roaring and foaming ocean and yes, even a winter storm.

My problem is this: by the end of February I am sick of winter. I live in Michigan, therefore I expect, even anticipate winter. I love the change of seasons. Each one is usually just long enough then God changes things up for me! Do you think more ADD people live in four season climates? I would be interested to know! I relish the ever morphing scenery and landscape fashion show!

This time of year I almost go crazy waiting for the warmer weather and sunnier days to appear. Winter seems to be the only season that is too long for me. I am one of the millions of sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Acquired Depression). I have a Happy Light. If I could remember to plug it in and sit by it every morning, it might help…

Last year I started praying for more daily sunshine. Truly, my prayers have been answered! There hasn’t been a 30 day stretch of gloom and doom in my little corner of the world. Now, if I were just as faithful to go enjoy the sun every time it shines. I’m not. I’m at about 80%. To some of you that would be success. To me, it means I missed 20% of the sunshine I prayed for and promised God that I would enjoy. My cup is usually not just half full, but so full that it overflows – everywhere!

So why beat myself up over 20%? I am always more critical of myself in any area having to do with God. I am so thankful, grateful and bowled over by His loving, saving grace that I don’t ever want to let Him down. Do I think He is critical of me in that same way? Absolutely not. I believe that He is a Holy and Good God, all the time. I know that He loves me, simply because I am HIS. However, in February, in Michigan, on a cloudy – cold – wintery day, I don’t always remember…

God is working on me in this area (and a lot of other areas)! I love that the Bible says we ‘work out our salvation’ (Philippians 2:12). That comforts me. I am so glad for a Word reminder that I am a work in progress on a journey. As I ponder and wonder what Jesus would have me learn or do today, I am thankful that Spring is around the corner.