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Selfish or Gifted?


Recently my husband, Jeff, and I had to answer the question:

If God was to grant you a special endowment or supernatural grace to influence a specific sphere of society for the Kingdom of God, which one or more of the primary spheres of society would it be?

Family, Business, Government, Education, Media, Art and Entertainment, Religion

My husband immediately answered, “I know it’s selfish of me, but I would have to say, business.”

Really, I thought, that is selfish? How? So, of course, I asked him!

“Well, you know,” he said,  “I love business, it’s what I enjoy doing. And I’m good at it.”

I realized at that moment that my husband does the same thing I do!

I assume that the things (activities, talents) that I love doing couldn’t possibly be the areas of my life God would use. That would simply be too easy, too good, too good to be true – right?

WRONG! Believe it or not, I actually coach people to do the things in their life that they love – because God made them that way! He made each and every one of us with a plan to prosper us, and not to harm us. He made each of us in HIS image. He gifted us.

Why is it, often when we love and enjoy something*, we feel it is not the way we should go?  Is it possible those talents, likes, loves and desires were actually gifts in our lives from the One who knows us and loves us best? Could God have made us with these desires? Even if they aren’t church related? Could He be glorified through common, everyday  joyful actions of people outside a church building doing the things they loved? Hmmm…let me think…yes, Yes and YES!!!

As I discussed this with my husband I was reminded of several stories and passages from the Bible. Here are a few that came to mind: Jesus left the 99 sheep for the one. I’m pretty sure the one wasn’t waiting for him in the local church…the ‘one’ was lost (maybe even hanging out at some business…). God made Isaac to be a real estate developer, Jacob to be a rancher, David to be a shepherd – then in the military and then a king, Deborah to be a judge and a warrior, Mary to be a mother, Paul to be a tent-maker…Of course all these people served God.

They all did so much more than their vocational title. And so do we.

They were so much more than their vocational title. And so are we.

They all glorified God by doing their best in the vocations of their heart and seeking God, always, as their compass in life. And so can we.

I believe Jeff was being deceived into thinking that “business” was a selfish choice. We do have an enemy that longs for us to fear, to doubt and ultimately become powerless for the Kingdom of God.  We are warned that there is a thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy. We are warned that in life, there will be trouble.

And we are reminded that: He (Jesus) who is in you is greater than the one (evil) who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)!

I ended up being so encouraged by my conversation with Jeff. I was able to validate my husband’s gift in the world of business. And his heart for God and people.

I choose, daily to embrace my love of words, art and beauty as strengths, not weaknesses. I choose to believe that I serve the God of love, the God of the Bible, God who is good all the time! I choose to believe that God’s plan for my life would utilize the gifts He has granted me. I choose to use my gifts and talents to please my heavenly Father. I choose to glorify God in all I do. Even laundry (that will be a whole other blog entry)!

*Disclaimer – if the something you love and enjoy happens to be an addiction, this author is in no way telling you that God made you that way. I believe God is heartbroken over what you are giving yourself over to, if it isn’t Him.

Too Many Toppings!

This is a struggle for me! When is enough, enough? Or too much!!!

I love toppings on a sundae. My favorite is vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and real whipped cream. For me, a sundae is perfect just like that. Notice that the above sundae does have my favorite toppings, but you can hardly see them buried under all those other good things. That can be my life in about a nanosecond! I see all these other ‘good’ things and add them to my day/life and the best things get lost.

  • Too much decor on a piece of art
  • Too many activities after school
  • Too many ‘to do’ list items in a day
  • Too many good things scheduled into a busy week
  • Too much stuff to steward
  • Too many helpful technologies to master
  • Too many self help books to read
  • Too many ingredients in the soup
  • Too many, too much, too often!!!

You get the idea! So why do I do this to myself? Is it all my fault? I believe we now live in a society that left busy behind a decade ago. We are now ‘busy on steroids.’ Our lives are consumed with activities,entertainment, work and the accumulation of stuff! Again, none of these things are bad, in and of themselves. But what do I leave out in pursuit of this current age?

Usually the first thing that suffers is my relationships. Not the 300 friends on Facebook, but my family, my faith, my handful of true-deep-no matter what I’m there for you – friendships. Next my health begins to totter. You know, that hyper tension head-ache, fatigue, emotional eating, the sniffles and allergies that just wont go away?  My peace of mind starts slipping, my cup isn’t half full anymore. It becomes half empty. My walk with God feels more distant.

I think these are all safeguards and reminders to me! I always have a CHOICE! I serve God. He made me with free will, on purpose, so that I could choose HIM.

1 Corinthians 6:12 (NIV) states: “Everything is permissible for me” – but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”- but I will not be mastered by anything.

Daily, I pray for wisdom.

What are my motives behind an activity? Who am I trying to please – Jesus or society? Do I have a centered relationship with God – have I spent adequate time with him in prayer, praise, communion? Am I seeking God? How are my closest relationships on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being great)?  If I am at a 5 or lower, what can I do? Are there good things I am doing that are keeping me from the best things I am made to do? Are there too many toppings on my sundae today?